Kenwood TS-590 SG

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Een transciever met Nostalgische look
maar met de allerlaatste snufjes aan boord
zoals DSP , een CW decoder, ATU , Quick Split…
Actieprijs : 1625 Euro
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  • TS-590SG Upgraded features, replaces the original TS-590S model
  • Enhanced RX performance with superb 3rd-order Dynamic Range
  • New On-screen CW decoder
  • Extended Digital IF Filter selections
  • “ANT Out” function like TS-990S
  • TX/RX Equalizer DSP now settable per Mode
  • Now up to 20 steps adjustment for TX Monitor and CW Side-tone
  • Enhanced VGS-1 “Voice Guide” functions
  • New Quick Split-frequency Operation function like TS-990S
  • New Tri-Colour LCD Display (Amber, Green or Yellow)
  • Extra (3rd) PF function via push-switch in the MULTI/CH knob
  • De-luxe new VFO knob design